Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Week 4 - # 8 RSS and Newsreaders

I went to create an account at bloglines, and it told me that I already had an account. This account was created 2 years ago. I already had a list of my feeds, and added a few more for this exercise. Obviously, I did not have a need for it for the past two years, so much so that I forgot that I had the account. I can see it being useful for librarians to add feeds of sites they use daily for their job. I am not sure that I will continue to use this after becoming re-acquainted with it. I like the fact that you are able to put all of your feeds together in one place. However, it takes time to read through the feeds, and who has time to do that!! I like to re-acquaint myself with my favorite web sites, blogs, etc. on my own when I have the time.

I have added my feeds to the right-hand sidebar.

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HCPL WebMaster said...

I'm struggling with this same problem. I love the idea, but each time I go back to bloglines, I've got a gazillion things there. Usually, I just click on the top link and they all go away and I can pretend I'm all caught up on the news. ;-)
I would like to read some of the really good librarian blogs more frequently... ah well. Anyway, just stopping by to say you're doing a nice job on the blog and 23 Things. And the monkey pic... well, it's hard to scroll down from there, she's just so darn cute!